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san francisco indie children's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2008-09-17 11:03
Subject:Xiu Xiu at the Bottom of the Hill, 9-13

Xiu Xiu
women as cousins

Saturday night I caught the final night of Xiu Xiu's current tour. I've loved this band since Knife Play but this is the first time I've managed to catch their show. It was good! Jamie Stewart rocked out like a rocker, which I was not really expecting.

Source: my camera and my blog, where there are fifteen additional photos

Next show up: Fleet Foxes this Friday at The Independent

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Date:2008-08-31 02:18
Subject:Stephin Merritt needs some SF love

Stephin Merritt and Daniel Handler!!Collapse ) 

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Date:2008-08-18 14:51
Subject:The Octopus Project: theremin thrash

The Octopus Project
theremin thrash

I'm never sorry when I take a chance on going to the Bottom of the Hill on spec. The sound is so good, unlike certain other small SF venues (Slim's, I am looking at you) that even just decent bands make a good impression.

On Saturday I didn't have to settle for a just decent band -- The Octopus Project was dynamite. I should have become a musch bigger fan much sooner, but the little ripple of hype with the release of Hello Avalanche last year mostly passed me by. Well, having seen them live, I'm a confirmed fan now.

Source: my awesome blog, Distingué Traces, which has lots more pictures - so many pictures, in fact, that I am realizing I need to start using some kind of gallery widget. What should I use?

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Date:2008-08-13 12:07
Subject:Squirrel Nut Zippers at the Independent in San Francisco

The Squirrel Nut Zippers
were good enough for grandpa

The Squirrel Nut Zippers are touring, and I went to see them at the Independent in San Francisco, and they looked like this:

From close up, one of them looked like this. Merciful God!Collapse )

Who the fuck are the Squirrel Nut Zippers, you ask? They are a swing band who had a radio hit called "Hell" in the late nineties, worked with Andrew Bird, and have continued to go hard since that time. Plus, they've been on Sesame Street.Collapse ) So you know they're cool.

And ... gossip? Well, crazy-eye-guy did allow as how the song "Wash Jones" is based on the character in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! -- that's kind of gossip. And also, they said that San Francisco was the best city. Ha ha! That'll show the previous and subsequent cities on their tour!

Source: me, my camera, and my blog, which has more pictures of this event

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Date:2008-07-29 19:02
Subject:selling my MY BLOODY VALENTINE ticket for show on sept 30th at concourse


before you go on TICKETMASTER to get your ticket to what will be one of the greatest shows of a lifetime, please buy one for yourself from me. sadly i have conflicting obligations with college that night...ughh

ps. sorry if this isn't allowed , just let me know and i'll take it down

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Date:2008-07-17 13:33

The Subways are crossing the pond to tour for a whole 8 shows! And 4 of them are in California! And one is in SF!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St
San Francisco, CA 94107

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Date:2008-06-03 13:54

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Date:2008-04-10 13:39
Subject:Sorry To Post This Here, But NEED Exposure....

'Complexity' EP.
It will blow your mind.
Completely handmade with original artwork by Dan Kennedy.
Please support my art! I just want to share this with you.
To cover printing and shipping costs I am charging $5 dollars for this piece of my h To order please email rpolokoff@hotmail.com with your address and I can get it out to you immediatley. You can pay me with paypal if you like!
Check me out wwww.myspace.com/thesimplenoose

Simple Rach

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Date:2007-10-02 12:50
Subject:Come Play!!!
Mood: excited

Doors open at 8:30pm
D-day goes on around 11:00pm

Featured Artist on MySpace this week!!!

I'll be at the merch table so come by and say hi!!!!

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Date:2007-09-25 11:16

The Stragglers
(dream rock, ex-Forever Goldrush, Mr T Experience)
"The Stragglers specialize in a blissed-out, decidedly West Coast take on early 90's British rock seen in bands like Slowdive, Lush and My Bloody Valentine." - CoolWavesSF.com

(featuring mems. of Jackpot)
Jean Marie
(local quiet-folk favorites)
Sylvie Lewis
(Brit songwriter on Cheap Lullaby Recs)

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Date:2007-08-08 13:08
Subject:Electro-Acoustic Party This Sat!!

Why choose genres? We're all riding this crazy train together... so come out for some variety!

The Simple Noose (synth pop from San Francisco)

Lepidoptera (Folk noir from San diego)

and the Verso (New Wave from San Diego, Acoustic Set!!)

Turning the snyths on (and off) all night long
@Epic Arts Studio, August 11th, 8:30
Berkeley, C.A.
right off Ashby Bart Station at MLK
All Ages
8 dollars

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Date:2007-08-08 12:47
Subject:open mic at mama buzz, yeah!

hi everybody -

i'm putting together an open mic night at mama buzz cafe in oakland. it's going to be on thursday, september 13. the preliminary details are as follows:

signup at 6:30pm
show runs from 7-9pm
you can sign up for one or two 5-minute slots

all forms of sound-art are encouraged: spoken word, performance art, singer/songwriter, noise music, anything and everything - the only rule is that you must be CREATING something onstage. you can't just play a song that you recorded at home over the PA. you can, however, play the track and sing along with it if you'd like. just as long as you are using your body somehow on stage to create art for us. oh, and it can't be too loud. i love metal, but your metal band cannot come play at mama buzz. if you are unsure about whether or not your music is too loud, let me know and we will figure something out for you.

i am thinking about having a featured act play for 15-20 minutes around 8pm. if you are interested in being the featured act, please respond to this post with a little bit of information about yourself, what kind of music/art you like to perform, and why you are interested in being the feature. i will probably decide if there will be a feature and who it will be by the end of this month, and that will give you a couple of weeks to prepare.

i really want to start an open mic that is a little different than the ones i have been to. don't get me wrong, i love all the open mics that i go to (hotel utah, blake's, starry plough, missouri lounge, etc.), but i want to make this one more art-focused than song-focused. that doesn't mean you can't play a song, cuz that's what i will be doing. but, i want to give other types of sonic artists a space where they can come out and showcase their work as well.

i think that's about everything for now. please respond with questions, feedback, dirty jokes, etc.

also, let me know if you can think of a good name for the open mic, something a little more exciting than "mama buzz open mic." i am thinking "mic buzz: an aural art exchange." what do you think? suggestions?

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Date:2007-05-27 16:33
Subject:Megamoog in San Francisco 5/31

Thursday, May 31
Make Out Room
3225 22nd Street, San Francisco
9pm, 21+

w/ 45isdistance, Cloud Archive, Megamoog

Come out and say hello.

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Date:2007-04-16 22:52
Subject:Intern Needed for Local Music Website.

Reply to: echoluvr@gmail.com

Repost from the founder of the website for which I am an editor...

Hello! My name is Olivia and I'm starting a really cool and dynamic online music magazine that focuses on the local SF music scene. We write reviews, blogs and profile underground local bands. Every month there is a profiled band that I pick to make a short documentary on.

The site isn't up yet. However, it's very close to being ready. We have a test site link, and if you are interested in helping out, I can send it to you so that you can get a feel for the style of the site and what we are trying to achieve.

WHAT I NEED: Someone who can give me 1 or 2 full 6-8 hour days per week. Most of the work is online, so a lot of the time you can work from home and we can communicate online. The responsibilities include doing research for getting our site established as a buisness, helping to make the monthly calendar of which bands to check out and writing a blurb for the site on all the picks of the week we choose. I'll also need help planning fund raising events/shows for the site which we want to do monthly and with online networking/advertising. There will be more projects that arise along the way, so you would need to be flexible and able to work on multiple projects at once. I'm super swamped with getting my new site up and running and just need an extra hand.

This is an unpaid position; however, I'm hoping I can offer college credit, since we will be a business soon. You will gain skills in how to develop and start a new website, learn more about the local music scene, and get to join in on the start of an exciting, rapidly growing project.

What I need from you - a cover letter and resume. Also, please list some bands that you are really into, both local and big name bands (I will be looking for someone who has musical tastes that fit the site).
On a seperate document, please answer these questions:

1. When was the last time you went to see music live?
2. Who was it?
3. How often do you go out to see live music?
4. Are you a musician?
5. Why does this internship interest you?

Don't worry about the writing style - I'm looking more at the ideas you have, rather than something formal. I'm super chill but need someone who can stay organized and focused.

Thanks a lot, and hope to hear from you soon!


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Date:2007-03-15 09:45
Subject:Hey hey

so, St. Patricks Day is coming up this weekend! anything going on?

I'm still wicked new to the area, so I dont know if there is maybe an irish area of town? I'm from boston, and i just moved here in January, and in Boston Drop Kick Murphys play every year (or so i hear) around this time. Um, I dont really know where I was going with that last thought. but yea.....

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Date:2007-03-01 21:19

please check out (and/or add) my band. love!

(only the 2nd half lives in san francisco)


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Date:2007-02-05 15:06
Subject:New in town...

Hey everybody -- Just moved out to the Bay from Florida a couple of months ago. In addition, I also just started with this whole LiveJournal thing, so I'm like a completely lost nerd in two arenas at once.

Just wanted to hang the ol' shingle out -- If anybody has any other Bay Area-ish music communities, websites, or the like they could send my way, I'm ravenous for that sort of stuff and could definitely do with some new stuff to read.


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Date:2007-01-18 15:58
Subject:Based in the Bay Area? Want to Review Local Music?


Hey, all.

A lot of you know that I'm starting a website to promote local music (wiretapmusic) in the Bay Area--and soon to be LA, NYC, and Chicago.. If you know anyone who would want to write/blogg for the site.... if you know of ANYONE who might be interested, PLEASE pass their info along to me!

echoluvr@gmail.com - Olivia's personal email.

I need some one who likes to check out local bands and who loves to write. Writing or music industry experience is a plus, but not required.

For now, we can't pay you. We are, howefer, committed to building community. And you'll end up with some great clips. Maybe one day there will be dinero involved... well that's the hope at least.

oh and


Hey, it's Alison (cattack). I am editing and writing for the site. You can contact me at alison_panko@yahoo.com. I will pass your information on to Olivia.

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Date:2007-01-16 22:39

is anyone looking for a female keytarist (or) bassist? if so, i'm your lady.

absolutely new to this city, & music is the first thing on my agenda.

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Date:2006-12-07 23:05
Subject:Winter shows with Land of Ill Earthquakes, Megamoog, & Make Me

Winter is quickly approaching and so are some shows. I hope you can bundle up in your warmest sweaters and scarves and come to one of the shows:

December 16, 2006
@ the House of Shields
39 New Montgomery
9pm, 21+, $4
w/ Land of Ill Earthquakes, Megamoog

December 17, 2006
@ the Stork Club
2330 Telegraph Avenue
9pm, 21+, $5
w/ Land of Ill Earthquakes, Make Me, Megamoog

I hope to see you there!

Megamoog: myspace.com/megamoog
Land of Ill Earthquakes: myspace.com/landofillearthquakes
Make Me: myspace.com/makemeoakland

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