distant gay traces (distinguetraces) wrote in sfindie,
distant gay traces

The Octopus Project: theremin thrash

The Octopus Project
theremin thrash

I'm never sorry when I take a chance on going to the Bottom of the Hill on spec. The sound is so good, unlike certain other small SF venues (Slim's, I am looking at you) that even just decent bands make a good impression.

On Saturday I didn't have to settle for a just decent band -- The Octopus Project was dynamite. I should have become a musch bigger fan much sooner, but the little ripple of hype with the release of Hello Avalanche last year mostly passed me by. Well, having seen them live, I'm a confirmed fan now.

Source: my awesome blog, Distingué Traces, which has lots more pictures - so many pictures, in fact, that I am realizing I need to start using some kind of gallery widget. What should I use?
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